Interviewing actress Lillee Jean

1-. How was your childhood?
In my childhood, there was never an area lacking creativity! I used to create stop-motion videos for my blog with various elaborate scenarios and storylines. I was a filmmaker, actress, writer, and director, all at the same time. When I think back, my favorite short stop-motion films I created were an ice skating competition, and, a gymnastics Olympics setup, that I organized with my American Girl dolls as the lead stars. I would be the voiceover portion, voicing their thoughts! Although I had no traditional training, I grew up in the digital age and learned from others in films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas (the outtakes), which were huge inspirations for me. During my school years, I was in several productions such as The Nutcracker and The Wizard of Oz! The years of training, and learning in dance, arts, film, and storytelling has only intensified over the years, so I would say that it is what brought me up to where I am today as a professional actress.
2. - From what age did you decide to be an actress and how did you know you had theskills to go on TV?
I knew early on that acting would be something special for me. My stop-motion films, in which I played every role you can think of, told me this. When I was 10, and I started with simple photographs and scenes, I saw that spark. I had a lot of talent like voice-over, editing, and filming. It was just natural for me. Nobody taught me, it just happened after school.
3. - Did your parents support you in the decision you made to be an actress?
My parents always knew that I was a creative person, and they supported me in pursuing my dreams and passions right from the beginning. They were there for me when I started creating stop-motion blogs, and also when I started experimenting with beauty creations during my teenage years. Although they never thought that this creative side of me would turn into my career, they always believed in me. They initially thought that I would go to college to become a Veterinarian, considering my love and care for animals. However, my mom always told me that the decision of what I want to do in life is entirely mine, and she will be there to support me. I feel fortunate to have such supportive parents because it is rare for actors to have that.
4. - What was your first appearance on the screens?
My first appearance on the screen was in my first short film, Miss Roxie. Miss Roxie, an original film I directed, was so much fun to write! The fan's reception was amazing as well. I'm working on my next film project and can't wait to share it with everyone!
5. - What was the role you liked the most?
My favorite role is torn between Roxie and Nellie. These two characters stand up against authority, and I love that. Roxie, who is completely overwhelmed after being fired by her boss and accused of stealing job opportunities, is the best. Her emotions were so raw. Nellie LaRoy, inspired by the movie Babylon, was performed as a monologue, and every emotion just felt real. "YOU'RE NOT BETTER THAN ME!" I have always been someone who is perceived to be vulnerable, or underestimated, so it felt amazing to show that side of me.
6.- What do you think led you to fame?
I believe that my hard work and dedication are what led me to fame. I gained a significant following through my stop-motion blog and my beauty-related content from a span of 10 years old, until now, 22 years old. Over time, this fanbase has grown and helped me pursue my passions as a filmmaker and actress. I am grateful for the opportunity to showcase my micro shorts and receive press coverage and recognition. It's truly amazing.
7-. What types of characters you would like to interpret?
I would love to play a character like Jennifer Lawrence did in American Hustle. Her performance was incredibly moving, and I feel like a part of me is naturally drawn to the defiance, sassiness, and bluntness she portrayed. I would love to take on a challenging role like that, set in a period piece. I also love Nellie LaRoy, a role Margot Robbie took on in Babylon. These characters would be diverse!
8-. What actresses and actors do you feel comfortable working with?
I had a lot of fun working with Edgardo Rubio on a short comedy skit that we're planning. He is very lovely to work with and feels like a grandpa to me. Our process involves a lot of discussions, followed by improvising a scene. It's an incredible experience, and the result is very raw and authentic.
9-. In what other genres of art would you like to participate? (Works of theater, music, among others)
I would love to try musical theater in the future, especially since I have received training at the Liz Caplan studio in NYC. Recently, I performed a scene from the musical WICKED, where I played the character of Glinda and sang the song 'Popular'. It was an amazing experience and I had a lot of fun.
10.- Do you have any anecdotes that have marked you in your life and as a person?
Like everyone in the film and entertainment industry, I know that the journey is never easy! However, when I was still online during my teenage years, I faced numerous challenges. I have experienced terrible antisemitism and cyberstalking, which still affects me today as they persist. However, I refuse to be a victim. I am no longer the 18-year-old who cried. I am now 22 and determined to take action. That's why I have started Project Bullyish, a documentary that highlights my experience. With new information that has come to light, a screenplay and book are being considered. I am confident that my story will inspire others.
11.- What has been your greatest achievement?
My greatest achievement so far is writing Miss Roxie! I wrote that piece while having tea, working out, and going to brunch - it’s the best piece I ever wrote. I write when something pops up in my mind, anywhere! It's amazing to feel that sense of accomplishment and recognition for something you've created, especially since this was a breakout role for me. I hope to continue to write pieces that I'm proud of and that bring joy to others.
12.- What projects will you make next and which ones do you have in mind?
I have a lot of exciting projects planned for the future! Firstly, I am writing another Peony & Violet comedy film that will be a continued take on California Valley girl culture. I'm also working on a holiday movie about a Jewish girl and a Catholic guy coming together, a spy thriller called Agent 418, and a comedy skit with my acting coach, Edgardo Rubio.
13.- Would you like to make a movie in Spain?
That would be awesome! What is the film about?
14.- you like spanish cinema?
My improv and comedy coach is a famous actor who starred in a long-running Spanish television show. He is also very knowledgeable about Spanish cinema, and I feel fortunate to know him. He once showed me a sitcom in Spanish he wrote, and even though I didn't understand all the words, the emotions expressed by the actors were fantastic.


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